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DeVry Education Group
On a demandé à un MA Instructor...6 mai 2010

What is your most valuable experience you can talk about and why?

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I have over 15 years of experience in various positions in the filed.

Singapore Exchange

typical SHL questions you will get

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practice really hard and time yourself well. try to do it fast and acccurately.

Service Départemental d'Incendie et de Secours

Par exemple : Pourquoi changer de métier ou de lieu de travail ?

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Des réponses franches et avec transparence ont été indiquées

Cathay United Bank

No difficult questions so to speak. With the current focus on foreign markets, be ready when you're asked if you can go abroad (with or without family) if required.

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Best answer is yes, but things do change, like after you get hired and then you get married, have kids, etc., which may lessen your desire to go, or you get dumped and would like to move on and start anew, so just be honest. Moins

Remington College

What is my teaching style?

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Strict with humor and "casualness".

US Navy

What job do you want in the navy?

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I would like to be an MA

The asked of EVA

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I explained it to them, They said they needed me to start as soon as possible. I say the VP and Project consultant. Moins

United Overseas Bank

Typical fit and technical questions. -Why UOB? -Why <this department>? -What did you do in your school projects?

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Tips for answering: They are hiring MANAGEMENT associates, your answers have to be structured to demonstrate key qualities in a good leader, not a regular employee. Moins


Bist du damit einverstanden, auch im 1st Level auszuhelfen, falls dort Backlog anfällt?

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Ich bin selbstverständlich einverstanden, im 1st Level bei Bedarf auszuhelfen.


They asked me about my skills.

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