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On a demandé à Machine Learning Scientist...21 février 2020

Probability, conventional machine learning, deep learning, coding/algorithm, behavioral

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I was good with most of the questions

Can you share how coding round was? what type of questions were asked?

Can you share what they asked in the coding round?


How do you weight 9 marbles three times on a balance scale to select the heaviest one.

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Do they all have the same weight except for one?

I think the question is the rest of the 8 balls are the same weight. In that case you can find the heaviest in 2 tries. Moins

First weight 4 vs 4. If they're the same => the last one is the haviest. If not, weight 2 vs 2 of the haviest 4. Then weights 1 vs 1 of the haviest 2. Moins


Given a number, how to find a closest number in a series of floating point data.

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Use a Binary Tree data structure. It is sorted while it stores the elements. Then traverse the tree. Search is log N. In Java there is a ceiling and floor function which does a BFS traversal and tries to search the closest number rounded off, to the nearest below or above number on the basis of ceiling or Floor function. Moins

Just loop over the series. Calculate abs(ref_num-x_i). Remember index of last seen lowest abs difference. In the end just return the element at the index you have saved to the end. \theat(n) time \theta(1) space additionaly (besides space for series) Moins


Fix a piece of sh*t code that just request data and save it to MySql. Super easy and easy to fix so I don't know what is the point of the interview. Totally a sh*t experience.

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Can you please provide details of the technical round?

Super easy, it didn't need a master student to do it. So I don't want to remember it since it makes no sense. Moins


1- Machine Learning concepts 2- Data Structure Case Study (Very easy) 3- Coding (Easy but they need hands-on exp) And Finally, Leadership (14 principles)

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There is no right answer except for conceptual one. They need you to be natural and be good in what you do. I would suggest to do following: 1- Leadership 2- Coding 3- ML concepts Moins

Forgot to add, my feedback was mixed saying I need more Machine Learning knowledge (which I disagree) and hands-on coding (which killed my interview)! Moins

An online exam that takes about 2 hours. Most of the material is about deep learning and machine learning. Most of the answers can be found on the coursera class of machine learning and deep learning.

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Hi, I have an interview test with It says there's some video answering section at the end. any comments or suggestions for it? Moins


we discussed mainly my background and some of the works I did, but she was not able to understand most of them. She was constantly interrupting me and trying to change the subject. The part that really got in her nerve was when I did not know what is 'original content". She explained that she means shows like "Orange is the new black", etc. which I do not watch. It was completely incomprehensible for her that some people may spend their time reading papers, or help their church high school kids instead watching fictional stories about women in prison.

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If you want to pass the initial phone screen, make sure you know what is "original content" ! Moins


What are the assumptions on independent variables for a linear model? Is the p-value valid if the independent variables are not normally distributed?

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There is no assumption on the distribution of independent variables. Residuals have to follow specific distributions for p-value to be valid. Otherwise Monte Carlo simulation can be used to calculate p-value based on the sampling distribution of the parameters (interviewer was convinced that the answer is wrong and that normality of independent variables is necessary. I wonder how he treats 'dummy variables' that take values 0 or 1 as 'normally distributed') Moins

Bloomberg L.P.

More on machine learning algorithms. Easy coding question

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Can you provide more details on the questions please?


I won't give details about the question as I respect the confidentiality of the interview. However, to give a general feeling, I think it doesn't hurt to mention the following. For example, code a class that implements a very popular ML algorithm. Even if the algorithm is very simple there are lots of possible improvements and generalisations, how to make it robust, efficient etc. Same thing for a class storing common data formats: dataframe, time-series, etc... how would you efficiently code access methods and/or storing according to the features of these data types?

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I recommend you look at popular open source libraries such as scikit-learn, statsmodels, pandas or something similar and the implementation they have for some of these 'things' Moins

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