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Susquehanna International Group (SIG)
On a demandé à un Machine Learning Scientist...17 août 2022

Q: Talk about why you would want to use a specific model.


Asked about some of my previous publications

Bending Spoons

L'accordo di non divulgazione non mi permette di fornire questa info.

Bending Spoons

- Why bending spoons, what can you bring into the team, previous experience questions. - A logic theory test. - A probability theory test. - I can't remember the rest.

How to distuinguish between business and leisure travellers ? Given a marketing budget, build a framework to decide when to apply booking benefit to maximise conversion rate

There were different machine learning classification techniques based on Booking domain.

1. What is your favorite algorithm and why ? 2. What kind of accuracy metrics would you prefer ?

Expedia Group

Typical Machine Learning questions with a focus on recommendations and setting systems up for it


A take home test requiring you to implement a Graph Neural Network on an open ended problem. Some protein dataset with random text added in. They say you shouldn't spend long on it, but this is a non-trivial task.

Heng An Standard Life Insurance

Why choose Hengan Standard life?

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