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The Clorox Company
On a demandé à un Machine Operator...8 avril 2019

Why do you want to work for Clorox?

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Give life better

Company group up

Make friends with teams working

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how many years experience

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i have 14y experince in ksa .i can speak engish arabic


9 years experience on golf bus driver

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Advanced Semiconductor Engineering

Do you know that working in ASE is different from your entire job experienced?

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Yes Sir, i'm aware of that. But don't worry i am a fast learner and can adopt into new things easily. Moins

yes, i learn fast because i use my brain every single step from start to finish and i can prove that. Moins

i'm aware sir/ ma'am that is why i want to apply for the new worker in ASE to learn and improve my skill being machine operator here in taiwan Moins

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Craftsman Automation

Will you work for 12 Hours ? continous shift ? will you relocate ?

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say yes for all .

Yes sir

Yes sir

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Samson Rope Technologies

Where I worked before?

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Grocery stor

Owner /operations

Well test

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What type of experience do you have?

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More that 2 year

I was worked in my home long time ago en sewing I was made dress of women and I was worked to in the company zona franca in Managua Nicaragua 9 months and I was worked in the recycle company in Burlington Edterra one year and was worked in the company durabon in cleaner apartment for one year too Moins

More of 2 years

Metals USA

Have you ever worked in the steel business before?

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No, I haven't, but I'mm always willing to take on new challenges.

Yes , and currently working on steel aluminum, and stainless steel! Plasma cutter machine operator. Nest program , 2yrs strong I need work Moins


You ok with working outsid Kik

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Yes it’s part of the job



Highbury Canco

Are you eligible for working in Canada ?

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Yes, I am eligible to work in Canada.




Why do you wanna work at Frito-Lay?

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Regular answer nothing special

question to individual posting: how long did it take from phone interview to job offer ? Moins

I need a job first. Hard worker and willing to learn

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