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US Navy
On a demandé à un Nuclear Machinist Mate Submariner...5 décembre 2019

Have you ever been arrested?

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I can not re:call

JEBCO Industries

If I could read the diameter of a part on a print

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Al Mansoor Enterprises

They asked regarding my work.

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Yes sir

I'm ready to interview

Give me a adress for interview

UTC Aerospace Systems

Straight from the machinist licensing test

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Yes definitely




How I knew about their company.

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I told them thru a friend.

I know the company in the recommended Glassdoor app

yes i know about this company

GE Aviation

Tell me about a time where there was a safety concern and what did you do? (Or something similar)

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I just gave an instance where I found a problem and how I reported it and how I always keep an eye out for concerns. Moins

I will take my personal protection and I follow my safety instructions, and i most report to the responsable and And I press the emergency stop, and be careful Moins

Precision Castparts

How long have you been a machinist

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20 years

2 years

Coordinate Industries

What did you learn from college

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CNC set up and programming, plus more details about my skills

Various CAD Software

General Dynamics Mission Systems

How many years of experience do I have.

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10 years

2 years

Can you work 3rd shift

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No, I am applying for 2nd shift. which he responded. We will see.


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