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ITP Media Group
On a demandé à un Magazine Editor - B2B...13 mai 2011

Why do you want to come and work in the desert?

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This is a tricky question. It's negatively constructed and phrased. Make sure you research your chosen destination and can communicate its appeal on a business and personal level. You can then construct an answer using your own positivity and knowledge. Moins

Because of the jewelry inside its sands

Gardner Business Media

What's your view of the US manufacturing climate and our readership?

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Growing companies need information that will help them bring products to market more efficiently. I think its important to leverage new technology that the magazine's future readers use in order to keep in touch with tomorrow's decision makers.... Moins

Gardner Business Media

How will you manage generating two features a month and editing the entire magazine?

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Gee, with tons of overtime?


Come up with pitches based on the word "Access' on the spot What are your favorite brands? Why do you want to work here?

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