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On a demandé à un Maintenance Mechanic...5 janvier 2018

Talks about how you feel about certain things and less about technical ability

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Ihave been im the military am ready for anything that has to be done.

No ploblems geting to know a persons believes.

it pertains very little to the actual job and more on the PC culture seeping into the blue collar world Moins

Impax Laboratories

Was I good at electrical controls, reading prints, trouble shooting etc.

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I was very strong in all area's


Smithfield Foods

If a machine is down how would you trouble shoot it to find out what is wrong?

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You would relate with the operating personal about the problem. If it is PLC program equipment you can use the logic to see what the problem is. Also check the power source, fuses, overload trip also could be a mechanical problem Moins

Walked them through the troubleshooting process and mentions looking up manuals and checking to make sure you have power going into the equipment. Moins


Pumps, valves,alignment,bolts,pipework.

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What is you expect?

Expectations of a job depends on the needs of the individual. In the first stage, the income is at the next level and ... Moins

Global Aerospace Logistics

Tell me about yourself

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Describe my behavioral

My name: is Angelo G. Gape I am 33 year old i born in March,01,1986 country origen is philippines.i graduate in high school in san nicolas national high school since 2000 to 2004 in philippines,after that i am study in Aircraf Maintenance Technology in asian college of aeronautics in western visayas region VI since 2005 to 2008. Moins

KIK Consumer Products

They made me take a 4 part test

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what were the test about?

i had to take a test at the agency. they wanted to make sure i knew my basic in mechanical and electrical. Moins

very basic and standard questions.

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very easy to answer because this company cant get good people to work there and they take what they can get. Moins

What's the back air pressure for HTST.

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The back pressure on this plant's HTST fluctuates between 35 to 70 psi, but holding steady the pressure would hold around 50 psi. Moins


Why would you be a good fit here?

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Because I am a hard worker who learns fast and gives 110% all the time.

Joseph Gallo Farms

How much I knew about electrical troubleshooting

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Enough to get me to where I'm at now.

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