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On a demandé à un Maintenance Mechanic...16 juin 2022

How would you speed up a conveyor?

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Change a sprocket, make the drive sprocket bigger or the idle sprocket smaller


How many ports on a gearbox and what are they

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4- the fill port, breather port, level port, and drain

Best Way Disposal

Experience And what all we know


Industrial electrical is the biggest and most used skill. You need to be able to work on electrical equipment without a schematic or have it memorized enough to work on equipment


I was asked how i handled stressful situations.


What skills do you have as a mechanic

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I have multiple years in fixing multiple vehicles in the army

Buchner Manufacturing

How to be a team player?

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I'm a team player . We should be in the same team though

FGF Brands

Why FGF? What is your career goal?

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

How would you handle a dispute with a coworker?

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