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MAC Cosmetics
On a demandé à un Makeup Artist...13 juillet 2011

What would you do if I were to pair you up to work on a project with a coworker whom you didn't like?

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I would try my best to work with my coworker and get the job done as best I can.

I would make sure the coworker understands our relationship status i.e. Friend or foe, is not to interfere with what needs to be done regarding our project. And we WILL complete the project in a professional manner. Moins

what i would do is think positively from the beginning and communicate with that person and try to get the job done as best as possible with them. I would not let my opinion on someone get in the way of a task Moins

Laura Mercier Cosmetics

Experience as a makeup artist

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20 years live work with costumer is my passion

Make up experience 2years

Worked 20 years as a Beverly Hills make-up artist as well as head make-up CNN LA Bureau 5years. Moins

MAC Cosmetics

Why are you a good candidate for to work for us?

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I feel that I would be a good candidate because I am truly passionate about the industry and always have been since childhood. Moins

I m well experience in cosmetics from 4years 6month I have. Very good selling skill and how to greet shopper my by best way Moins

I m wel experience in cosmetics from 4years 6month and I no how to greet coustmer and selling from my skill Moins

MAC Cosmetics

What is your favorite MAC product, and how would you sell it to a customer?

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I love the MAC MSF natural, it gives the face a glow and looks flawless. it can be applied sheer for a natural look and can be used wet for a fuller coverage. a very versatile product that looks great on everyone Moins

I love the Mac fix plus .oh it’s a magic product .one single product and do multiple tasks .it helps prep for skin for a flawless base , after applying the base it helps blending it smoothly ,helps adhere glitters on the eyes and also fixes the make up .save you money and invest smartly and look beautiful Moins

Mac Strobe Cream is a gem, works with all skin types. Being a Professional Makeup Artist, it is my favourite product from the brand since it gives a dewy finish to the face, most certainly one doesn’t need a seperate highlighter, just mix the strobe cream with your foundation & you’re good to go! Love it Moins

MAC Cosmetics

why do you want to work for mac?

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love makeup. want to grow within the industry, eager to strive sales, woek well as a team Moins

I would love to work for Mac because I love makeup this is my dream job and I’m interested in learning more techniques and quality products to perfect my craft . Moins

I would love to work for Mac because Im very passionate about makeup .Mac is my dream job and I’m interested in learning more techniques and quality products to perfect my craft . Moins

MAC Cosmetics

What's the difference between NC and NW?

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NW (neutral warm) is for cool, pink undertones, while NC (neutral cool) is for warm, with yellow undertones. Moins

Cool tone and warm tones

MAC Cosmetics

Do you have any experience in sales?

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Yes my experience is10years in sales line as a beauty adwaiser.

MAC Cosmetics

Why should we hire you ?

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I told them about my dream of being a mac girl made it very personal

Hint: Speak to the companies culture and your “why”. Good luck & see you on the dark side! Moins

MAC Cosmetics

why do you want to work at mac?

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I love the makeup

I love MAC and I want to promote


Tell me about yourself?

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I need to work en lancome

I m makeup artist I have 12 years work en maikap en skin cair I need to wok en lancome because lancome a big leading company Moins

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