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Network Rail
On a demandé à un Management Accountant...15 juillet 2015

If you had 3 mins alone in a lift with the CEO what would you say?

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Are you going up or down?

As a passenger I believe railways are the future transport that everyone will need and want to use for work and pleasure, together we can make our future vision a reality. Moins

can you press 3 Please

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En la entrevista me preguntaron mi formación profesional, ¿ qué hago actualmente? que tipo de tareas, desafíos que deseo aceptar, como me veo en algunos años más, tiempos, pretensiones de renta, fortalezas y debilidades.

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Hola, la entrevista fue en ingles o en el idioma local?

La entrevista fue en ingles?

Coca-Cola Sabco

Define financial management

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Focus on showing your understanding related to the level of complexity of the job you are interviewing for. Moins

What value are you going to add to the position you are applying

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In addition to other words, I stated that I will perform regular reconciliations and submit reports on time for decision making Moins

Toyota Motor Corporation

What measures would you recommend an automotive organisation use to minimise wasteful expenditure & remain cost competitive?

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Creating responsibility centres/profit centres helps with accountability and breaking up workinto smaller manageable tasks. Planned task observations can then be used , where possible to understand workflow and streamline operation for optimum performance. Moins

JS2 Communications

What skills I had

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Previous accounts experience, working towards my AAT


Basic ethics and accounting knowledge

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It was ok


Concep accrual vs provision and case study on inventory management

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Meezan Bank

what you can do for the organization?

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i will do extreme grind to promote company's goodwill and making image of company more valuable around the globe. Moins

SFM Corporate Services

Revenue drivers and cost drivers

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linked my professional experience with my theoritical knowledge

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