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Why did you choose hospitality?

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First, I talk about my background (I have worked previously in retail sales mostly). Then I explain that I have a taste for travel and interacting with different cultures. Then, I also stated that since I have few knowledge of the hospitality industry, a training will be the best option for me

- pourquoi enterprise? - quelle est la différence entre un bon service client et un excellent service client? - comment réagissez-vous face à un client difficile?

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For the strength based interview: 1. If you can invest 100% in something, what would it be? (anything in your life) 2. Are you a resilient, if so, give me an example and the advice you would give to someone that is a bit passive. 3.If you have discovered a solution to a long-lasting problem, how would you persuade the team to accept it? 4. What is a recent thing that makes you proud?

What was a difficult situation that you have faced, and how did you react to it?

About myself Education Work experience Volunteering and other social interests Why this firm, what can you bring to the firm? Ambitions Ambitions in this firm, for this firm

What are you looking for? What are your educational background? What are your weaknesses? Are you ready to fit yourself new challenging goals?

- Tell me about yourself. - Why do you want this position? - Why InterContinental? - What do you know about InterContinental? How did you go about finding information about us? - Can you tell me about a weakness you have or been told that you have. Have you done anything to try to improve? - You have no direct experience for the position you are applying for. Why should we hire you? - Do you have any questions for me?

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