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anónimo (Mexico)
On a demandé à un HRIS Project Manager...25 janvier 2020

Experiencia , sueldo actual Y esperado

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No estaba interesada

Trojan Battery Company

Mostly about experience

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Directly and to the point


Was your last position for their implementation?

1 réponses

No. Resume clearly indicates experience with WD implementations.

Catholic Relief Services

What attracted you to the role?

1 réponses

Humanity way to help others


How do you set your targets?

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First understanding what are the areas to be improved, then understanding what improvements are needed. Finally decomposing the planned improvements in measurable targets Moins


How much Excel experience did I have.

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I didn't have the Excel experience level that they preferred, but they extended a job offer to me anyway. Moins

Republic Bank of Chicago

Have you ever entered payrolls before?

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I'm the person that you call to guide and walk you through on how to efficiently get them entered and how to troubleshoot issues, I would say yes Moins

Healthcare IT Leaders

Can you send me your resume?

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I provided my resume.


Tell me about a time that you were not satisfied with your performance?

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I'm always satisfied with my performance.


You've done compensation?

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Have you read my resume?

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