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On a demandé à un Managing Editor...4 novembre 2012

Would you be able to work today?

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yes, i,m ready

same day interview and job ofer and contract doesnt come yet,no had sence

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Charles Schwab

"Is there anything that would come up in your background check, such as payments being made to the government with a balance that's over $10,000?"

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Since it’s a regulated company you have to have a stable financial past. No credit issues, bankruptcies, bounced checks... Moins

They also do a credit check as part of the hiring process.

To be honest, this is a confusing question. What exactly were they trying to get out of you? Whether you had to be fined for something in the past? Moins

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Tata Communications

learn about basic networking . learn concepts related to confident when dealing with Mac and tcp layer and addressing they asked more specifically on that

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They which topic are asked for gd

Is they checked your communication skill

Yaa definitely they have seen our communication....And they have seen how attentive we r and how we r involving in the discussion....For us the main hr has conducted group discussion.....And he asked us for suggestions on gd topic....And we have selected a topic related to women empowerment (a suggestion from a girl in our batch) but sorry I can't exactly remember the topic name... Moins

Goldman Sachs

How would I tackle a specific situation in a certain department?

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I would learn as much as I could about the situation in the department then use the knowlage I had gained to solve the problem Moins

I will go to the department and will talk to the staff to get to know about the situation. If i can solve the situation i will solve it right there. Moins

The challenge with the question is that were supposedly looking for an outsider to come in and take a fresh look at things, so many of the terms and steps were unfamiliar to me. It was a bit like the interview team wasn't on the same page about the role. I answered it in more of a generic fashion. Moins


An eight gallon container is full and both a three gallon container and a five gallon container are empty. Without using any other containers, divide the water into two equal amounts.

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- Fill the 5 gallon container completely; you will be left with 3 gallons in the 8 gallon container. - Pour the 5 gallon container into the 3 gallon container. you will be left with 2 gallons in the 5 gallon container. - Pour the 3gallon container back into the 8 gallon and pour the 2gallons of the 5 gallon container back into the 3gallon container. - Use the 8 gallon container which has 6 gallons now and pour its content into the 5 gallon container. you will be left with 1 gallon into the 8 gallon container - Use the 5 gallon container to fill the 3 gallon container which has already 2 gallons. once you do that you will have 4 gallons into the 5 gallon container. - pour the 3 gallons in the 3 gallon container into the 8 gallon container and you will have the 2nd container with the 4 gallons. Moins

Pour four gallons (half) from the eight gallon container into the five gallon container. Done!!! Four gallons (half) from the eight gallon container. Four gallons (half) from the five gallon container. An eight gallon container is full and both a three gallon container and a five gallon container are empty. Without using any other containers, divide the water into two equal amounts. Moins

Quality Services for the Autism Community

how do i hear about the company

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assistant Hab, specialist

I will appreciate, if my resume is been consider. Thanks for your consideration.

i said through a coworker

what is your vision for the company?

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I would love to start a series career in one of the best companies

it is important to have a clear vision for the company?

Hachette Book Group

What are the first three things you would do on your first day working here?

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If I were the interviewer, I would nitpick that one of the first things you would do is go home. It's a good answer, but you want to just scope out the books. Don't take them home until later when your shift is over. (For this particular position I would be watching closely for the precision of your use of language and this would stick out to me.) Moins

Introduce myself to my new coworkers, familiarize myself with the house style, and take home a few titles from the imprint(s) to read. Moins

how you are beneficial for our company?

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my skills and past experience enhance my leadership quality, so i m sure that i will give you the best results as u need Moins


"I am used to consultants just sitting in leadership meetings with clients and not saying anything. If you were in a client meeting, would you just sit there and not say anything?"

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"Since I have been on leadership teams on the client side, I would most likely say something. " Moins

I would do some work before I go to meeting so that I can support my team or show some leadership skill Moins

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