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On a demandé à un Managing Editor...4 novembre 2012

Would you be able to work today?

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yes, i,m ready


same day interview and job ofer and contract doesnt come yet,no had sence

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Hachette Book Group

What are the first three things you would do on your first day working here?

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If I were the interviewer, I would nitpick that one of the first things you would do is go home. It's a good answer, but you want to just scope out the books. Don't take them home until later when your shift is over. (For this particular position I would be watching closely for the precision of your use of language and this would stick out to me.) Moins

Introduce myself to my new coworkers, familiarize myself with the house style, and take home a few titles from the imprint(s) to read. Moins


Describe a difficult time in your life and how you overcame it.

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This question was actually kinda tough because I didn't want to get too personal with the interviewer. Moins


What are some ways you would motivate an Editor to complete a task that was essential to the health of their community?

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I would bracket the task back towards the skills they seek to develop in the position; by motivating themselves, it'll make the task seem less obligatory and more constructive. Moins

Community Newspaper Holdings

How would I improve this newspaper?

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Re-design to make it look more contemporary, work with its mostly amateur editorial staff on improving their reporting and writing quality. ("Real," degreed journalists were NOT in huge supply in this very rural area of Indiana. Mostly what I had to work with was high school students and housewives.) A fairly typical CNHI scenario in the late Nineties, when it was a young corporation buying every small-town newspaper it could get its hands on. Moins

OMICS International

Normal Questions- Tell me something about yourself? What do you know about journal department? Tell me something about your project work?

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I gave all the answers genuinely.

Pulsus Group

Simple basic questions Were asked

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"So, what is it you do again?" "Ummm, where did you used to work?" "Do you have any writing experience?" "Can you repeat that?"

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Dear Benzinga. Is there a way you can do a better pre-screening so people you don't intend to hire can avoid the drive to Campus Martius? Moins


How would I cope with the fact that none of the departments at the company like each other at all.

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I'm used to dealing with fractious environments and difficult people.


How do you manage your time in order to accomplish everything needed to put out a monthly publication?

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Had that question too- answered give up sleep

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