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Naresh i Technologies
On a demandé à un Manual QA Tester...24 mars 2023

why manual testing is impotant?


create test cases and execute tests

Motorola Solutions

How to test bluetooth: 1) can be connected 2 devices with one name simultaneously? 2) how to test BT device?

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1) Yes, the reason is different MAC addresses for each bt device 2) Connect/disconnect, pair/unpair, out of range. W and w/o active audio call/music playing Moins

Motorola Solutions

Write high level tests for water faucet with hot and cald water in english


Where I've worked before and what did I do there, which tools I used, what do I look for in a work environment

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Bug Life cycle STLC steps in JIRA About project Test Cases


How would you test this elevator ?

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Referenced the following : - Basic functional end to end Use Cases - Expanded further on non-functional aspects mostly regarding performance testing - Spike testing - Endurance testing - Load testing - Security testing - Globalisation testing Moins

Mallow Technologies

Moderate to easy not much hard level

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Just put confidence


Basics of manual Testing and SQL

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I answer all questions and explain them properly


1) what's Re-testing and regression testing.

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2) write down join query.

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