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On a demandé à un Manufacturing Engineer...28 décembre 2020

When designing a system, what order do you put the following attributes and why; Speed, Quality and Durability?

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Any system needs to be designed to be durable first. If the system keeps breaking down, quality and speed are moot. Throughput needs to be reliable. Once a stable system is established then quality has to be focused upon. Establishing a quality culture is a tough task but it gets easier when applied on a system that works well. One a stable system that produces quality products is established, then speed can be achieved in multiple different ways. Moins

Through questions like this, interviewers are mostly trying to test your skillset (and its relevance to the role) as robustly as possible, so be prepared for multiple offshoots and followups. It could be a useful exercise to do mocks with friends or colleagues in Tesla to get a real sense of what the interview is actually like. Alternatively Prepfully has a ton of Tesla Manufacturing Engineer experts who provide mock interviews for a pretty reasonable amount. Moins

Quality Durability and speed

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Ford Motor Company

You are in charge of a production line and one of the safety guarding is missing on conveyor. The production supervisor wants to start production. What would you do?

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cease and dessist.

Don't start production. This is both a quality issue and a potential safety issue. Moins

Depends on how much time I have until production is to start. If it’s only a few mins I’d try to grab someone good at fabricating and have them fab up a makeshift guard, I’d put a notice up about the safety issue at the work station as well as talk to the crew about taking extra precautions at that work station. If the crew thinks the situation is serious enough that they feel they can’t proceed I’d call the production supervisor immediately about the issue and let him make the call on how he wants to proceed. Most likely I’d then put in a ‘hot’ work order for a new guard to be purchased/fabricated/installed ASAP. Moins

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Micron Technology

Describe yourself with 3 words.

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Hi there, I had 2 rounds of interviews last Friday, may I know how Long u waited for the job offer from final interview? Moins

Yeah how long did u wait between interview and offer?

If the manager says he will put ur name to hr, mostly will be offered?

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Procter & Gamble

What would you do if you had four projects, one due today, one due in a week, one due in a month and one due in a year?

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I assume I have all these projects now because they all require work throughout the period to deliver on their respective timings so I would lay out all the tasks and sub tasks necessary to deliver the projects on time and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. This will also help me identify any conflicts or barriers so they can be addressed in advanced. Moins

prioritize it according to hand over schedules

I'll handle the projects in order of timelines

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I steve h like to cause division here at loftness mfg in hector

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rather not go to your low side of management skills! come here to get along with others and work as you do none of the above. Moins

so true about steve h the operations director inside knowledge now the elitist is looking for help on company website stay back as he will try and set people up as company thieves if he doesn't like the person. Moins

Yes this is one place to stay awayfrom years ago in the eighties they liked to get rid of people who used health insurance and would go out of their way to get people hurt nothing good here. Moins


For example, what is your biggest mistake? Describe a time when you have to make a significant changes to a project? Describe a situation where you do something beyond expectation?

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Hi may i know how about the 2nd stage?

how about the 2nd stage?

May i know what about the 2nd stage


Given a cantilever beam with a load on the free end, where does the beam fail? Follow up questions regarding that.

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Assuming the connection to the fixed end attachment points do not fail, the failure would be around the point where cantilever begins Moins

Assuming the beam DOES fail (the free-end load might not be enough sheer force to cause failure) and the beam has a uniform weight distribution, the beam fails where the maximum bending moment occurs...which is the fixed end. Moins

Free end

Inalfa Roof Systems

"Do you care what title you are given if hired".

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No. The title is not important. The responsibility and authority which the position holds is more important. Moins

No. People who chase titles tend to be exactly the people you don’t want to work for - superficial titles attract people who focus on the superficial. Moins


Explain how you approach a difficult problem.

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Management. Production, manpower handling

Production palning

Production Planing . Line Blalensing Manpower handling

BAE Systems USA

What would you consider second to safety?

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safety, quality, velocity then cost

I had a question similar to this, my answer was that there are 5 criteria to ensure a great product. Cost, Quality, Delivery, Safety and 5S. Depending on the company, Delivery would be the second. This is common in defense. In some case Quality is a priority. It all depends on the business model. Moins

Continuous improvement

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