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Crown Equipment
On a demandé à un Manufacturing Engineering Manager...2 avril 2016

How would you manage an employee that does not get along with other people but does his/her job well?

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You need to call him/her out and give as a exemplary worker to employees - then a good promotion plus a pay rise is the best. Moins


Describe how to perform a RCA on a quality defect.

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5 Whys, Walk the Process

Delta Systems

Do you like the weather in Ohio?

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I was shocked...

Revlon, Inc.

How would you arrange/ approach a engineering project? What steps would you take?

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The person conducting the interview was Ms. Holmes. She has a MBA and BSC in chemical engineering. The opening was intended for a mechanical engineer. She clearly didn't know anything about mechanical engineering, which made the interview a lot more difficult. Anyone with Mechanical engineering knowledge knows that a question like that can not be answered, since it depends on hundreds perhaps even a thousands things. When I became more technical she got lost. Moins


Did not use STAR method - Thank God! Finally a company that cares about cultural fit. Very conversational interview about work, leadership, projects, etc.

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Open Conversation.

A123 Systems

How would you deal with direct reports that felt burned out by the amount of hours they worked.

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I would listen no matter how long and then find ways to help them find life balance. Moins

Dytran Instruments

where would you locate the manufacturing engineers?

Great Dane

Tell me about a time you had to discipline a employee.

Dexter Magnetic Technologies

Insisted on a salary expectation, which i won't do.


Hiring Manager was very aggressive in the interview. Didn't sound very professional the way the question was asked

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