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Jaguar Land Rover
On a demandé à un Manufacturing Engineering Undergraduate...29 janvier 2018

Give an example of where you had to work in a team

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I got a phone call just over a week after the day.

Hey, how did you get contacted about how the AC went?


Name, specifically, our clients

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I named defense clients but they were unhappy with this and pressed for civil aerospace clients of which I could only name one. Moins

Sorry to hear that it didn't go they way you wanted, I have got mine coming up in a week time and was hoping if you could help me about the group presentation and what sort of questions they ask? Moins

Raytheon Missiles & Defense

Talk me through your resume

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Talked through my resume


1. GE Values / Priorities 2. Questions on types of Manufacturing process - depending on what department (ie metallics, composites, structures) is conducting the interview. 3. Questions on interpreting Engineering Drawing 4. Basic topical questions about knowledge of plane wing structure 5. Asked to look at a part and explain how it may have been manufactured from raw material to finish.

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1. Read up on website, may ask you to organise priorities in order. Clearly displayed in GE mission statement. 2. Fairly straightforward, if you have knowledge of typical manufacturing stages and maybe read up on tool types for cutting vs detail (for metallics) or composite layup process. 3. Again Straightforward, usually covered in first 2 years of engineering degrees. You just need basic ability ie knowing first and third projection, tolerances and ability to spot detail. You will get MUCH better at this during the job. 4. Basic knowledge ie know what are ribs, spars, how wing is assembled from composite panels, be able to guess internal structure of wing and static / dynamic parts. Again you'll learn a lot more during the job. 5. Trying to assess your thought process here - use logic to thing how a raw metal block may have been machined (and what different kind of machines would complete each step) and processed. Moins

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Technical questions and STAR type questions

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With school experience and work experiences

BAE Systems

Mostly Behavior Questions and questions about experience. For the presentation, questions about how you handled specific team project situations.

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Know your resume, know your strengths and weaknesses

Texas Instruments

Why do you want this position?

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Explained why I had a passion for manufacturing engineering.

BioFire Diagnostics

Why are you interested in this company

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Heard good things.

GE Aviation

Tell us about a time you had to correct a team member who wasn't performing?

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Tell us about a time where you took a leadership role.

Bradford White

What can I bring to the company?

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I am willing to bring my experience in my field and always open for personal development like training in a formal and informal setting. Moins

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