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Evolution Fresh
On a demandé à Manufacturing/Industrial Engineer - Process Improvement...29 août 2014

Why should we hire you?

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I had the desired engineering education and experience in food manufacturing they were looking for. Moins

Volvo Group

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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i see my future in growing stage where i learn a lot of things

Evolution Fresh

Describe a time when working with a difficult coworker and what you did to solve any conflict

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I didn't have much of an answer except that I am a very calm person that isn't easily upset. Moins

Textron Aviation

Why did you choose your major.

Cisco Systems

Why work/ co-op at Cisco?

511 Capital

Basic questions about my experience


How does an engine works

Terex Corporation

Describe a time that you struggled with something initially and how did you overcome it


What were the challenges faced during projects?

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