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On a demandé à un Manufacturing Manager...5 janvier 2015

Tell me about yourself

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I commented on are we talking personal or professional about myself? he commented both. So gave a very brief description about my work ethicks and my honesty, and then I stated on my experince on why I was qualified for the job without stating it. Moins


What is you experience working with the contract manufacturing?

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My experience is in the manufacturing industry. It's all about dealing with the inspections and auditing all the products are productive or not. If are having doubts and suggestions regarding experience and personal interview questions please visit InterviewBuddy is the best online video interviewing platform for job seekers, students, and experienced candidates. Moins

Present my working experience to the interview personnel and list my challenges. The most important is to speak of your true experience, real work problems and achievement. Real contract manufacturing contact, etc. Moins

Klein Tools

hours available to work

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FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

The phone interview was pretty standard but the next interview would have been behavioral and these really need to be prepared for.

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Make a list of examples so you are prepared to phrase to the exact questions. Several examples fit more than one question. Moins


What did you expect to achieve as Manufacturing manager?

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To contribute as an individual and with my Team to exceed Company Goals. To Lead by Example an serve as a mentor for others. Moins


The questions were basic and general and not indicative of my experience rather whether or not I would be easily "micro-managed"..............

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I answered all the interviewer's questions professionally and distinctly as I could within the short lived process and was not impressed with lack of knowledge of FDA requirements regarding tier 1 & 2 medical device requirements. Moins


Are you willing to respond to a crisis during non-standard work hours?

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Yes, I understand the facility is in production 24/7 and requires non-standard work hours to meet demand. Moins


How do you build a team and get people to rally around something?

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Being open and honest and setting clear expectations. If the expectation isn't clearly defined, people will have a hard time knowing if they are succeeding or failing which bleeds into resentment and ultimately fails to build a team. You need clear direction, clear expectations and goals for people to rally around. You also need to be humble and listen. Don't be afraid to take criticism and learn and grow, don't be afraid to give you team areas of opportunity. Moins

General Mills

What makes you fit in this position

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I explain my background & capabilites

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Why should we hire you?

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I drew on my strengths, and aligned them with the position responsibilities

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