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Happy Thinking People
On a demandé à un Market Research...7 octobre 2015

Wenn der Schokoriegel Mars eine Person wäre, wie wäre Sie?

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Lästig und anhänglich

Mars als Person wäre übergewichtig (analog zum hohen Fettanteil), hätte einen schlechten Charakter (analog zur niedrigen Qualität der verwendeten Zutaten) und es gäbe eine eklatante Diskrepanz zwischen Eigenwahrnehmung und Selbstwahrnehmung (analog zu dem Bild wie Mars sich in der Werbung präsentiert und wie es von vielen Kunden eingeschätzt wird). Moins

zäh, widerstandsfähig, süß, ungesunde Person, übergewichtig, aber auch geschmeidig Moins

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Tata Consultancy Services

Analysis of 2 graphs in German language Specific knowledge of the German market would have been neccessary

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regarding discounters and supermarket segments

Could You give more details. I love tests and I was told Tata and few other companies make You do an anlaytic test at interview. Anyone remembers them Moins

Wolters Kluwer

Have you ever worked for a woman?

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they asked there will be presure are you okay with it ??

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Said Yes.

Yes any time

Roy Morgan Research

Why do you think you'd be good at working here?

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I'm a good listener and great communicator.

Because I am the first class researcher in aeronautical engineer in the world.

Just used relevant customer service experience in my answer.

High Beam Global

They asked basic questions and wanted to know how can I connect my experience which wasn't relevant to the JD.

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I was just me.

Can you help me connect me with the HR?


How do you influence people who do not report to you? How do you get them to do things even though they don't have to or want to?

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I would answer this question by first stating that it is important to get to know how people are motivated on a personal level first. If they do not report to you then you might not have positional authority to ask them for a deliverable. At a company like Microsoft, I'm sure that there are jobs/roles that require people to get help/collaboration from people outside of their positional authority. To do this, you must first know what motivates a person and proactively make personal "deposits" to build some solid connections so that when you need to make a "withdraw" you have invested enough. Deposits can be made by taking an interest in someone, providing them with help when they need it, or maybe buying them lunch/drinks. Moins

a) I've never actually had someone refuse to help me when asked, but b) I would try ahead of time to get to know them so that when I need to influence them or need to request assistance, they already have a basic level of comfort with me. Moins


Have you dealt with angry customers before.

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Yes, all the time at my previous job. Just listened to them to understand and take notes to help resolve. Moins

Yes. I usually put them on hold to calm them down. Then about 18 minutes later I will gauge their temperature...see if the xool down rime worked. If not, I'll tell them we're very close to resolving their problem, then back on hold for another 12-14 minutes. Then transfer call to a random dept. Usually don't have to worry about anything past step #1. Moins

D.R. Horton

What would you like your salary to be?

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I asked if they knew how much they would pay, their response, "Yes"

I would like for it to be $60,000 and up but I would be working for them so it's what they feel like they should pay me. Moins

Tata Consultancy Services

apple = 20 papaya = 60 grapefruit = 80 pear = ?

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Very easy = ans = 20 (see the vowels.)

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