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On a demandé à un Strategic Marketing Associate...4 août 2011

Is your college GPA reflective of your potential?

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If you had a bad GPA, say no--find examples of where you excelled or how you adjusted. If you had a great GPA, say no--its just a silly number that is hugely inflated anyway. Point out things independent of your GPA that you're proud of and think better represent you potential . Moins

Hardly. A GPA is based on what you have achieved rather than on what you could achieve. I'm not saying the two are unrelated, but a GPA could also reflect the ability to work hard or to be a smooth talker. Three people might get the same GPA, while one is working hard as hell, the other is average but compensated with good social skills and talks his way out of everything and the third one is plain lazy but smart by nature. The potential of the three would be different in real life than in college. Moins

Not in the least. It reflects your ability at that time and place to attain scores in chosen subjects. Moins

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What do you think about uber's current problems with government and some other competitors.

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Guest relations it's big problem

First is timing problem of pickup cost of fare should be as per km

According to my view points, goverment will not have any problem to provide public facilities but one thing matter is that about its fair which cost high then it's competitors and allow less offers about coupons which makes competitors to move forward bt neutral to uber. Moins

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Dawson Marketing Concepts

What makes you right for this position?

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Anyone that does this job is a bigger loser than the idiots running the place

I want to learn the art of lies from Vincent Dawson and the Dawson Marketing Concepts Team. Moins

Everything stated here is true. The people that passionately continue to work for this scam company have low self esteem and want to be losers for the rest of their lives. Average person makes $30 for an 8 hour shift. LOSER NATION. Moins


Why is Loop a good starting point for you?

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OMG same thing for me except there were over 30 people in both rooms sitting waiting for an interview. I saw your post and basically everything you said happened except that I am not going for the second round of whatever scheme they wanna call it. They are liars and scammers. Looking for vulnerable people to trick into their "steps." I literally had to cut off the interview to ask if this was for the graduate assistant position I applied for and he said no! Never in my life was I ever set up or lied to. Their empty office space was already sketchy looking like they pick up and move every week since they're running a scam. I hope people see these posts and don't fall into their trap. Moins

I thought their whole impersonal automated process of setting up interviews seemed sketchy, glad I read your reviews. I won't waste my time with this bogus company, I had an interview scheduled for today! Moins

I went for this crap company too. Some sketchy guys took me to the Barclays center to observe them selling Hello Fresh memberships to random people. I know a pyramid scam that pays 100% commission when I see it, so I left within 10 minutes of getting there having wasted time I could have spent working and wasting money they never offered to cover for my travel on their interview. Moins

Advisory Board

If you had to pick one state that you wanted to destroy what would it be.

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why they would ask question like this? What do they expect to hear?

Genius Consultants

Describe about your self?

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details of family and education back ground


Whats your name?

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With my name

Sysco is very powerful and helpfully and rich good processing company with my future safe. Moins

Sysco is powerfully people's future for good company

Economist Group

Tell me about your understanding of the role

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And he's Weinstein levels of bullying. He's notorious.

I had the same experience.

I tried to answer but was interrupted constantly

ZL Technologies

You are in a room with no furniture and 4 friends. You have a ping pong ball in a hole in the center of the room with a de-activating chip in it. The hole is the diameter of the ping pong ball plus one cm on each side and is 8 inches deep. You must take the ping pong ball from the hole to outside the room to de-activate a nuclear device outside in 5 minutes. Without making any assumptions, how do you do this?

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Have two of your friends form a tight seal with their hands, one of your friends can inhale with their mouth, forming a vacuum. Moins

Diameter of the hole is 40 mm + 20 mm = 60 mm; I would use my belt and pull the ball out using it's buckle. Moins


Why did I think I would be a fit to the company

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Because they hire anybody with basic reading skills , most people are hired through Craigslist to give you an idea of the standards of the interviewers ABT SRBI looks for. Moins

My confidence my work ethics and my ability to learn fast and multitasking assets would be great benef to this company Moins

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