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Gap Inc.
On a demandé à un Associate Manager, Marketing & Events...21 novembre 2022

Tell us your process for planning an event from start to finish. What is your greatest strength that you would bring to the team? Why do you want to work at Gap, Inc.?


How often do you use your phone on a daily basis and what exactly do you do with it?

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I use my phone very often because my phone is my office, my study and learning hub I use my phone for my social media marketing too Moins


- Tell me about the experience you've had in crypto - How do you feel about working at a startup? - Have you ever used a DeFi protocol?


Tell me a successful and unsuccessful campaign you ran and why.

Graduate Philadelphia

What was your previous experience and how does it apply to the role you are applying for.

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Answered by speaking about past projects I've done individually and collaborated on as a team. I also stated all of my skills that I can bring to the organization and how I could potentially be a great asset. Moins


Can you tell us about a time you failed at a professional task and what would you have done differently to get a more successful outcome?

U-Line Corporation

What did you learn during X experience?


They asked about strengths and weaknesses.

Land O'Lakes

What drew you to Land O'Lakes?

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