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On a demandé à un Marketing Communications Writer...7 octobre 2013

How do you deal with demanding bosses?

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I demand more money.

Morley Companies

Describe your writing experience.

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I provided samples of proposals, case studies, and thought leadership pieces both in the application process and in the interview. It was clear they didn't read nor have the desire to review them. Moins

UC San Diego

Describe your work style in 3 to 5 words.

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Efficient, collaborative, passionate, motivated.


What's the biggest obstacle you've overcome?

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The biggest obstacle I have overcome during an interview is getting past introductions that way everyone is more relaxed after people tell stories or brief descriptions about themselves people seem to mellow out and carry on to find out more about you or if they don't really click with you they decide right away that the job is not for you. I usually click with people right away with life and work experiences and have a great time during the interview. Moins

DP Technology Corp.

"Map out our company structure as you envision it."

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By mapping out a flow chart of a company structure tailored to the technology industry. Moins

Elevance Health

Do you have experience juggling multiple tasks at once?

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Bilzin Sumberg

How do you deal with difficult, demanding people?

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Just like you deal with any other annoyance---ignore it.

Signature Consultants

Asked about high school and college

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Answered about high school and college


When can you start?

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When you require.

Eli Lilly and Company

Do 4 assignments. They gave me documentation for each exercise. The assignments were: writing an abstract of a clinical trial, creating a table with provided statistics, creating a bibliography of a drug, and writing a paragraph of adverse events.

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I did the 4 assignments. It took almost a week to finish them.

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