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Crop and co
On a demandé à un Stage en média et communications...7 février 2020

Quel est mon équipe de foot préférée ?

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toujours répondre St Etienne ^^

Southern California Edison

If you had an employee who was under-performing, how would you motivate him/her to improve?

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I would consider whether the focus of his/her role is on something that excites him or her, and adjust as necessary. Moins

Devon Energy

I was asked about the environment in which I do my best work.

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I seek approval for my planning documents and ensure that I have buy-in during development so I can be confident of producing quality work that is aligned with expectations. Moins

Tractor Supply

Most questions were the typical "Tell me how you handled a situation like X" or "Tell me about a time when you had Y happen and how did you mange this situation".

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Questions were answered by giving scenario and explaining how the issue was corrected/resolved/managed/etc. Moins

Dassault Systemes

Présentez-vous en 2 minutes

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Se préparer à ce type de question pour livrer une présentation de soi juste et en lien avec l'offre de stage. Moins

Tractor Supply

Questions further towards to the end of the pre-screen became more complex, asking multiple things such as describe a situation, how did you solve it, and what steps did you put into place the prevent issue from occurring again.

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Questions answered by providing situation, steps to correct/resolve, and policies/procedures implemented to prevent from occurring in the future. Moins


What is a challenge you had to overcome?

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At my last position at FEMA, I had to overcome quite a few of my work partners not liking my initial presence. Through competence & not responding to taunts, I eventually won the majority over to my side. Moins

Kaiser Permanente

Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a difficult or unresponsive colleague.

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They want to see that you are going to be patient and persistent but then loop in your supervisor to help remove any "unseen" blockages. Moins


Pourquoi est-ce que je changeais souvent ? Suis-je un opportuniste du travail ?

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It is the only way to evolve and learn in the communications field.

Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians

They didn't ask any real technical questions. They asked more about coding methodologies and documentation standards. They aren't familiar with the software. They only know that

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