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On a demandé à Marketing Manager...23 octobre 2009

How many cans of paint would you need to paint one wing of a 747?

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Of course, this is a terrible interview question if you believe in behavioral interviewing. But... Of course, the answer isn't what's important... it's the process that you go through to figure out the answer. "A wing is probably about 20 ft deep and 200 ft long so that's 4000 sq ft, a can of paint probably covers the four walls of an avg bedroom, so call that 50 sq ft, so about 80 cans..." Analysis is an important skill in almost any job, so throwing a question at you that you've probably never encountered is a way to surface your analytical skills. But then again, I don't like to ask these sorts of questions; I'd rather focus on concrete examples on a candidates past where they did analysis. Past behavior is a better predictor of future behavior, IMHO. Moins

This is an easy question for those used to travel. The answer is none. The wing of a 747 has virtually no paint on it because of some good reasons. First, the weight of the paint would decrease fuel efficiency dramatically and would require re-painting. Second, the only reason airlines paint the aircraft is for marketing purposes....that is the tail of the aircraft Moins

this is a fairly standard question that has nothing to do with whether or not youve painted or stood on a 747's wing, it simply tests your logic ability, and your thought process. the interviewer was looking for a response that went something like this...."well, first i would want the dimensions of the wing, how big it is in square ft. next i would want to determine how many cans of paint are necessary for one sq. ft, next id want to determine how many coats of paint does the wing require. obviously you dont know the answer, but thats the thought process the interviwer wants to see, and again, its a fairly standard question for any kind of quant based marketing gig (which id imagine it is considering its netflix). Moins

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Do you have passport

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Die Hard question - you have two containers, one holds 3 gallons, one holds 5 gallons, unlimited supply of water. How do you get exacly 4 gallons in a container?

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Fill the 3 gal jug up and pour 3 gal into 5 gal jug. Fill the 3 gal jug back up and pour into the 5 gal jug filling it up, leaving 1 gal in the 3 gal jug. Pour out entire 5 gal jug emptying it and pour the 1 gal from the 3 gal jug in the 5 gal jug. Fill the 3 gal jug back up and pour all 3 gal in the 5 gal jug giving you 4 gal. Moins

Watch Die Hard

Assuming the 3 gal fits into the 5 gal. Fill 5 gal container, pour into 3 gal container, leaving you with 2 gal in 5 gal container. Pour 2 gal, into 3 gal. Fill 5 gal container. Pour 5 gal into 3 gal, until full. 1 gal will be removed from 5 gal to leave 4 gal remaining in 5 gal, since there was already 2 gal in 3 gal. Moins

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If John Locke from lost was running for president of the island what would be his campaign slogan.

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"Don't ever tell us what we can't do. Ever."

Learn how to walk again before we can run!

But John Locke is dead. It's 'Smoky' that's taking his form. Smoky is already the president of the island especially after the death of Jacob. Smoky's slogan is 'tirihihik tirihihik, tirihihik tirihihik, (you know the sound that the smoke monster does). Moins

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American Express

What question do you wish I had asked you which I haven't already?

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What are the skills you have to fulfill the organisation’s goals.

Would $250,000 plus 4 weeks vacation per year be enough?

When can you start?

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Hiteshi Technologies

About my career, work, domain knowledge etc.

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Worst hr team I ever seen in my career. They called for interview but after having words with hr they told me to leave for the day because they can not provide me the package I wanted. If salary is always the issue with hiteshi they should have discussed with the candidate before interview call. Disgusting behavior. Moins

I answered all the questions with relevancy.

I had the same experience.Called me for interview.After 1st round told me to come tomorrow for the second at 1:00 PM When I went there for the second round that HR told me that she will call me for the interview. They should plan prior before inviting candidates. Moins

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Gems Education

The job involves lots of travel. Can you commit?

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Yes. Would love to


Then may be not suitable

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HM Sampoerna

Do you smoke?

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No, i am not smoking

Yes, i smoke and i'm pretty aware about its good and bad

if it's not you have to mention the reason why you're interested to join with the company Moins

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There are 3 cars travelling in a road from point a to pont b, you have to pick one car, which one do you choose?

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It depends... If the road between points a and b is accident prone, I'd want to be in a Volvo. If the road is pretty straightforward and I need to get to my destination in a hurry...the fastest sports car. If it is a scenic road and I am on a vacation...a convertible. Moins

It depends on the goal. Am I trying to get some place as quickly as possible? Am I content to get there in one piece no matter how much time? Am I more interested in the journey? This question is about thought process. Moins

I choosed safety car and everything inside

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what are your worst qualities

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It depends who you ask. My wife would tell you I snore too much.

workaholic. perfectionist.

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