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Why do you want to work at Taxify? What is important for our customers?

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I sincerely want to be part of the taxify family because i know the challenges of transportation in my country and i want to make sure these challenges are combated so that we both have good transportation and expand the company's operation strategies. Either the availability of many qualified and skilled taxify drivers is very important for the costomers since the whole operations starts from the time of request since it becomes effective when the customers get drivers on time and good services through out the trip. Thank you

To assists on passanger to reach their destination safely and make an in come

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Il y a un test Excel et des questions sur les logiques d'acquisition des principaux canaux payants.

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how to allocate budget efficiently over paid channels?

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What are the information sources you read tech news from?

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Whether my current skill sets consists of SEO and ASO

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Votre mobilité ?

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Idée du nouveau produit à lancer

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Avez vous une expérience à l'étranger ?

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Consumer perception about a specific brand

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Business point of view/Brand identity and market intelligence

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