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Questions d'entretiens - Marketing Manager


Questions d'entretien de Marketing manager partagées par les candidats

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What are the information sources you read tech news from?

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Mashable, TechCrunch, Engadget

- Can you please describe your view on B2B "content marketing" - both strategy and content development. - What is the balance of these content marketing related activity -- including strategy, content development, producing or publishing content or webinars, monitoring trends and news, etc) in your recent work, and what you envision in this role? - Could you please send some samples of your work? e.g. link or PDF of a blog post or two, or a white paper, case study, survey, report, etc. (anything targeted at capturing the attention of large enterprise customers) - Have you managed larger reports, that involve research, surveys or similar scope of work up-front, and engage multiple authors/contributors?

I had to present a specific case on my area - doing a 30 / 45 mns presentation to expose my vision. All was fair and nice. the panel of interviewers were great and transparent.

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What is the main added-value of our solution ? After speaking about Adblocking, I was what were my beliefs of how advertisers can face adblocking. How do you keep informed about tech trends ? Why not staying in your previous job ?

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