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Quelles ont été les actions mises en place afin d'avoir une vraie coordination entre équipe sales et équipe Marketing ?

Quelle stratégie proposeriez vous pour répondre aux enjeux de l'équipe marketing si vous nous rejoigniez ?

Dans le dossier à renvoyer: voici un des 10 exercices demandés: " Create a laundry list of marketing ideas, whether an event/promo/etc. Include a 1=2 sentence description for each, topped off with a creative & catchy blog post title for that idea."

Dans le dossier à renvoyer: voici un autre des 10 exercices demandés: Uber has become known for it’s on=demand stunts, which have included Ice Cream Trucks, and Kittens. Come up with a one-day-only on-demand stunt that can be implemented in either your specific city or multiple Uber cities (your choice , with the goal of: • creating a ton of social buzz on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram • driving a ton of new signups • positive PR Now walk through some of the logistics that will be involved in making your idea come to life. For example: For On Demand Ice Cream Trucks, each city sourced local trucks and drivers, estimated how many trucks they might need given the size of the city and the expected demand, and chose to launch the idea in the middle of the summer, when weather was hot hot hot. Trucks were also only available via Uber for 1 day to drive excitement. Remember, no stunt idea is too crazy for us. This is the company that brought you Ice Cream Trucks and Kittens at the tap of a button !!!

Describe your own ideas about marketing strategies and product ideas regarding the specific product you are interviewing for.

What do you know about Bosch ? Why Singapore ? What do you understand of the missions ? What do you think you will learn within Bosch ? Can you tell me a little more about some of our products ?

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