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Ajanta Pharma
On a demandé à un Marketing Representative...4 octobre 2016

Knowledge in the medical field.

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I'm a pharma student so had pretty good knowledge of it.



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Sell us an expired yogurt

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Like most people, I presume you are always mindful of the expiration date for foods and related products before use for health reasons mainly. But with yoghurts such fears should not be nursed because yoghurts retain all health and taste its benefits even after expiration and can be enjoyed in many delightful and creative ways including with bread, salads, veggies, pasta, meats, chips and coffee. This particular brand I present to you was uniquely made to retain all its benefits and appeal even after the expiration date, so that you don't bother about health, wastage and taste with this brand. Trust me you , you are buying the same quality as a non expired one at a lower price. What are you waiting for? Get your own bottle now! Moins

Two words: yeast infection. I mean, you're thinking of expired yoghurt, but I'm looking at a very effective off-the-counter solution to a problem that 1 in 5 women experience. Moins

Outside the health benefits of a expired yogurt,it also tastes better.The sour taste becomes stronger and people enjoy it more then than when it's fresh. Moins

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Self Made Marketing

So, how does it sound?

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"Not my cup of tea, frankly."

I am not looking for a marketing job

I am looking for a job as customer service or receptionist where I could assist the customers. Moins

Royal Enterprise

Interviewer asked a total of 5 questions that were the most generic job application questions that you can think of. Your strengths, weaknesses, goal in a workplace etc

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The answers don't matter. They want a candidate who is desperate enough to play along. Moins

Yes, it is indeed a scam and it is a shame that young, impressionable adults, just entering the workforce are falling for the scam. Moins

SCAM!!!! They send you on business trips and YOU pay for food, share a bed with co-worker, pay for gas--and an employee has to drive his or her own vehicle. EVEN to local events. They don't pay gas, parking tickets, and are very vague about benefits. It takes weeks to find out the pay is commission only. AVOID like the plague. Moins


Experiences in sales Expectations

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What was the case and what sort of questions did they ask? What was the solution you had to present ? Moins

Hi. Could you tell about the salary?

Just be real!

Erie Home

How old are you currently?

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Not allowed to ask this question

Zydus Lifesciences

Tell me something about you.. and what is your father doing and why are you interested in this filed

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My name is blah blah i m from gujarat . And they will offer some better packages for the job Moins

1)My Name is Akshay Babaria and I am persuing Be in Mechanical Engineering and completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. 2)My father is a Business man, he has a factory of saree printing in Jetpur 3)Because I wanted to explore more about my self in Non tech field , and for the constant upgradation of my knowledge Moins

Blue Raven Solar

Why do you want to work at this company?

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I wanted experience in marketing and sales, and it seemed like an intriguing opportunity. Moins

Because Sir I have interest in this field.I completed my in Electrical Engineering. Moins

Ryan Homes

I was asked "May I see your daytimer to see how you schedule your day?"

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I am sorry, I don't have it with me.


A customer walks into the model home and says there just looking, what do you say?

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For your dream house?

It's your job to uncover the real reason they are there by building a rapport and asking questions. Moins

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