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On a demandé à un Mechanical Designer for Interior Instrumentation and Driver HMI (Timisoara)...6 mai 2015

If I am willing to relocate considering that the relocation bonus is one months salary given in advance only time only.

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Can you give me work permit visa

For Romania

How much

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Are you free to move freely and realocate in Switzerland?

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I have no problem to relocate.

Yes, I have no problem to reallocate in Switzerland. I asked how many people applying there were. The HR told me also that all people applying outside of Switzerland were not to be taken into account. Moins

Brandt Group of Companies

What are your weaknesses?

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I said it was the fact that I dont have a lot of work experience.

Hi sir I'm Nahid 10 year experience in automobile


How to use industrial components

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We use industrial components with safety, precession, accuracy and on right time. Moins

I know how to use


How long do you plan on staying, we hope it will be more than five years.

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I will stay as long as there is opportunity to advance. I have five degrees and worked hard for them. Moins

Item North America

I see you salary range is describe as written... Are you okay with that?

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How familiar are you with Solidworks?

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I told them I was familiar with another CAD software (Siemens NX). The Head of Sales was pretty insistent that the candidate had the two years of Solidworks experience, but the Head Engineer understood how the skills learned in one CAD software translate easily into another. Moins

Progressive Recovery

I see your resume, butTell me about yourself

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I was candid went through my work history tied in my hobbies and life mottos to let them know who I am as a worker. Moins

Kongsberg Automotive

Mostly technical questions on previous work experience and questions on problems faced

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Explained the major challenges by examples

Holtec International

Was asked to take a timed SolidWorks test, even when I told them I had not used the software in 8 yrs.

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I struggled with the test and was very frustrated with the whole thing.

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