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Western Digital
On a demandé à un Fresher Mechanical Engineer...1 janvier 2020


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College project

Desgin and fabrication of Automated medicine sorting


First they asked me to introduce about me and my thesis work in

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Some general strength of material question's


Stress strain diagram. S-N curve, what will happen to deflection when material will change.

Favourite subject. Questions on that subject and other basic questions on IC engine and SOM.

Pinnacle Infotech

They asked various personality related questions like tell me about yourself? , why should we hire you ?, are you willing to relocate.


Tell us about yourself ?

Industrial job offers

How you will pay the moneyfor training

Tata Consulting Engineers

Tell us about your college project?

Colton Industries

tell me about the features used in solidworks?

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boss extrude, revoled boss, swept boss, loft boss, fillet,ect

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