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Applied Composites
On a demandé à un Mechanical Test Engineer...14 février 2022

What composite experience do you have?

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Little to none


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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I don't think I gave a good answer, but this is what I wish I had said: I would like to be working for GE and use this job as a platform to grow the work, so that it improves the quality of GE products and ultimately the profitability (i.e. think Six Sigma philosophy). I would like to see it expand to the point where I am managing several other employees. Moins


How do you size a rotary bearing?

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Depends on the bearing, but they are normally sized based on load and rotation speed. Moins


Introduce yourself

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What's your weakness?


why we should hire you?


What makes you excited about working here?


What are your future goals as an engineer?

Toyota Material Handling

Simple V=IR based electrical engineering questions.


Composite beam attached to a bracket with 4 bolts

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