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On a demandé à un Drug Safety and Medical Advisor Associate...15 mai 2017

1. In what year did I finish Faculty? 2. Where do I live? (to know how would I get to work, although the job advertising mentioned drivers license, which, of course, would have meant that for this position, a company car will be provided. 3. What salary do I expect?

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1. ... 2. ... 3. 6000 lei, as the job was 2 in 1. She then replied firmly that the budget is 4300 lei. In the end, even if she would've offered me 10.000 lei, I wouldn't have accepted the job, as the work environment seemed dull, the manager quite bipolar (smiling superficially or straight-face from one second to another) and the whole experience was DISAPPOINTING. I wouldn't recommend this company (in Romania)!!! Moins

International SOS

Questioned motivation for leaving clinical practice

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The director asked me if I had experience with something that was not even mentioned in the job description.

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I told her I did not, but am a fast learner.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Why we have to hire you?

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I have life experience, not experience in the pharmaceutical industry


Usual questions about past experience, behavioral questions and business perspective

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Prepare yourself through reading about the position and company


Tell us about yourself briefly

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Myself Ajay Kumar Verma


What do you want to do in 5 years

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I want to be an accepted part of this pharmaceutical unit, know my drug and all the people involved and have fun in working. Moins

Why do you want to join industry after 7 years of clinical experience?

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I wanted to explore Industry as my core strength are suitablefor same.

Discovery (South Africa)

Deal with conflict ; experience in managed healthcare.

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Open And confrontationally

Novo Nordisk

You are not agree with your colleague, how would you deal with it?

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Regarding this question again HR pushed a lot, and I lost my thought, I think

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