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Cactus Communications
On a demandé à un Medical Editor...15 mars 2022

Are you comfortable with medical subjects? (I have an MSc in Microbiology and had applied for a position in the Life Sciences)

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I said I'm very comfortable since my field of work is a core part of Medical Sciences, Moins

Pls who has humanities, earth and physical science or cactus McQ answers pls help me.. I want to pass their test.. pls.. share... Moins

Pls answer the McQ cactus questions Question 1: COMPREHENSION Read the following unedited passage and pick the statement(s) that is/are accurate among the options provided. In China, domestic sewage discharged from decentralized villages is important component of non-point source (NPS) pollution, and causing severe degradation of aquatic ecosystems and rural environments. Constructed wetland (CW) is regarded as an attractive alternative for decentralized wastewater treatment and NPS pollution control because of its low cost and high convenience to construct and operate Other benefits such as eco-friendliness, high sustainability and aesthetic value also make CW a popular wastewater treatment technology. Pollutants are removed by integrated physical, chemical and biological processes in CW, including plant uptake, substrate adsorption and the most importantly, microbial degradation. Studies have found dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration to be key parameter affecting microbial processes for pollutant removal in CWs. In horizontal subsurface-low constructed wetlands (HSSCWs), a CW type, Anoxic conditions are usually prevailing due to poor reaeration, which favors anaerobic processes such as denitrification. However, aerobic reactions, especially nitrification, tend to be restrained in many HSSCWs, leading to less nitrogen removal efficiency. A. In HSSCWs, anoxic conditions prevail, and nitrogen removal efficiency is lower owing to limited nitrification. B. NPS pollution control has benefits such as eco-friendliness, high sustainability, and aesthetic value, in addition to being inexpensive and easy to construct and operate. C. Microbial degradation is an important step in the operation of CW systems, and dissolved oxygen concentration has been reported to be a key factor in this step. D. Severe degradation of aquatic ecosystems and rural environments can be completely eliminated using CW, which is a popular wastewater treatment technology. Moins

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Availability of when you can work (1st, 2nd, 3rd shift)

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Which ever would keep me the busiest to earn the most money.

Am not interested in working for this company. I have and they no longer employ anyone who resides in California. Moins

Command Health

What kind of work types I was comfortable with.

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I said I was comfortable with most work types and also commented on which ones I liked the best. Moins


Why are you looking for a new opportunity now?

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I worked as a freelance writer, editor, and a reviewer while raising my son. He has now started college and so I'm looking for something permanent. Moins

SIRO Clinpharm

Question was regarding my previous job profile.

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I broadly explained job role and responsibilities of my previous job.

General conversation about their product, their goals and drivers. General questions about candidate background.

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Intelligent conversation, no canned questions. They tell you about their business, ask about your background, interests and requirements. Moins


Where do you see yourself 1-2 years from now?

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I am open to new opportunities.


-Why do you want to work at Amboss? -Why do you want to relocate to Germany? -Would you want to do clinical work in future again?

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-Love the platform; love research; love to teach others -Job opportunity + personal reasons e.g., work-life balance, safety for one's family (came from unsafe country) -Gave honest answer - not sure, would be many years down the line as will need to get medical license in Germany first. If I love Amboss (which I really do - have been working for a few months already), I would probably not go back to clinical work. Moins


. I then interviewed with two women how would be colleagues. Needless to say they were very unprofessional, unqualified and caddie at best..

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Don't work in that (Medical Writing) department which is a shame for an overall good company. Moins


Why you are choosing Medical Transcription when you are from a technical background?

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I really wanted to test down my english grammar proficiency and medicine always interests me from the time I started to watch House M.D series. For better professional reply, I am all done with software development. Moins

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