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Teva Pharmaceuticals
On a demandé à un Medical Science Liaison...28 octobre 2015

What do you think will be the biggest challenge of the job?

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If you are married w/ kids, good work-family balance is challenging with majority of MSL positions b/c of the travel, large geography, overnights w/ company meetings and conventions. Keep in mind your kids won't remember how much money you make but how much you were there for them growing up. For the unattached , well, you're off the hook for now. Moins

At the end of the day, there are only two challenges to any sales job. Getting the customer to understand the benefits your product will provide for them and having them say "Yes, we want to order that". Moins

Eli Lilly and Company

How many years of experience do you have?

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A few

I have a experience for 5 years and 7 months


You are trying to see a head of department and they simply ignore your emails and phone calls, how do you go about this?

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I would try to reach out to other physicians in the department and better understand the situation (personal emergency and so on). I will utilize my connections with other staff physician to get in touch with the director. If the matter is urgent and for example we need their signature on an application to be sent out, I will show up at their office or clinic and ask the reception for an urgent short meeting. Moins


What do you think you'll need the most assistance with

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MSL duties and compliance

Center for Vein Restoration

What made you choose Centers for Vein Restoration as a place to work?

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The reason i picked Centers for Vein Restorations because this centers has the same mission I have in my career and life goals. Invested my self to the field of neurosciences and learning ways to cure patients who suffer from chronic pain. Centers for Vein Restorations does the same for each of theirs patients and i want to be part of that. Moins

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Wat is je leeftijd?

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28 jaar


How would I handle a situation where a Key Opinion Leader did not want to meet with me.

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I would attempt to contact one of his/her colleagues or perhaps see them at a conference. But sometimes you have to pick your battles and can't make them see you. Moins


What would you do if you don't feel you're advancing in your role

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I would approach my line manager and see how we could satisfy both the role and my personal development Moins


Why do you want to join GSK

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Cos of the culture

Como lidaria com tantas viagens

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Que não haveria problema algum, já estava acostumado

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