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Brook Lane Health Services
On a demandé à un Mental Health Associate...27 juin 2016

Experience with mental health

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Worked in many aspects and discussed

High Focus Centers

What has been your experience working with youth and why do you want to work with them now?

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I served as a principal for 10 years and I know I had great success working with the youth and their parents. I desired to go back to this population. Moins

Allina Health

Tell me about a time when you handled a situation well when working with a patient/client.

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I explained a situation where a patient was meeting their quality of life and how I implemented goals and together we worked towards a better outcome. Moins

CA Dept of Mental Health

I don't remember exactly, but it had to do with how do I get along on a team and what is my communication style.

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I outlined my diplomatic, leadership, and meeting ice breaker skills, highlighted my work abroad with non-english speakers, and spoke to a breadth and depth of subject matter knowledge in Mental Health. Moins

Laurel Heights Hospital

Do you thank you could handle working with mental ill kids.

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Yes I like working with special need kids.

Oak Plains Academy

Why do you want to work in this field?

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The interviewer was very candid with me, and told me that they are looking for a fairly personal answer to try and minimize the turn over rate by only hiring people who really want to be there. Moins

San Marcos Treatment Center

Where do you see yourself with our company?

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i hope to make a difference in the patients' lives without overstepping boundaries and providing the role model that they need. Moins

High Focus Centers

I was told that with my Masters degree in Counseling, I would not be able to utilize this degree with this position

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I responded that the counseling process begins after the counseling session. The youth would feel comfortable to talk freely in the van on the way home. I would be able to ask questions or direct a thought from a counseling perspective whereas some one not trained would not be able to maximize the experience. Moins

Copper Hills Youth Center

"Are you aware that you may have to perform physical restraints on the residents, and are you OK with this?"

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"I have had to perform physical restraints with patients in the past, and though I do not like this aspect of the position, I am knowledgeable of when to do so and am comfortable with the idea." Moins

Laurel Heights Hospital

Do you like working with speclal need childen.

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Yes I do.

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