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On a demandé à un Forensic Mental Health Technician...19 décembre 2016

What would I do if I seen two patients fighting?

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I response to that question saying, I would tell the head nurse who is in charge. Moins

I would try to talk them out of the fight and if i cant defused the problem i would then call for help Moins


Where do you see yourself in five years.

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How long after interview did it take to hear back with offer?

Hopefully growing within this company.

Friends Hospital

Tell us a little about yourself?

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This question in my opinion is meant to give a overview of your age, education and work experience. Moins

To add your passion for the feild and what type of person you are. Not meant to tell.your life story, nothing too personal for example about your husband and kids. Moins

Holly Hill Hospital

How are you today?

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How much experience do you have?

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2 years. (Childcare, babysitting, tutoring WILL work for them), but I worked with kids before. Moins

Did they email you right away after the interview?

Rock Prairie Behavioral Health

What would you do if a patient is being aggressive towards another patient in the hallway?

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I would get the patient who is being aggressive to place his attention on me so that no patient would get hurt and I would then try to deescalate the situation. Moins

Fox Run Center for Children and Adolescents

The questions were fairly typical and generic. They asked why I wanted to work at Fox Run.

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I wanted to try something more challenging and rewarding after 20+ years in customer service. Moins

Our Lady of Peace

For the most part, they asked general, behavioral questions. They also asked about my educational and employment background and experiences. An example of a question would be along the lines of: "Name an experience when you had a miscommunication with a fellow employee or friend? What happened and how did you resolve it?"

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Did they require a drug test?

CenterPointe Hospital

Do you think you will be able to work in a Behavioral hospital?

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Very much so, i have experience in this field and I believe I would make a good asset for this hospital... Moins

Carrier Clinic

What are three questions to describe you?

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quiet, a listener, and thoughtful

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