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XL Dynamics
On a demandé à un Financial Analyst - Mortgage...17 décembre 2010

Tell me about the role of mortgage analyst or how they work.

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hey can u mail me some more details... i found it good that u shared in and around would help me alot as a fresher... i want to know ur personal experience and clear data about the company... thanks Moins

Im gng interview in xl dynamics tmrw can i hv openings in Bangalore

hi hitblue, I really thank u for giving a clear idea. and let me mail u for detail information. Moins

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Dart Bank & Mortgage

What are you professional goals?

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To build a practice of loyal clients and referral partners within my community.

I wanted to apply for job .I would like work for bank

Hi I am looking for job... Interested in ur bank...


What is a 1003?

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Mortgage home loan application

Residential Home Loan Application

Mortgage loan application

Rocket Companies

How long did it take to get a call back after doing the credit consent?

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Waiting for a possible call back.

2 days

Next day

What would you do if a customer was upset ?

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Give them a higher rate and make them happy

if -the customer was upset, probably a returning customer.

Clayton Holdings

What is RESPA?

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Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act(RESPA) require lenders, brokers and loan servicer of home loans to provide permanent and timely disclosures regarding the cost and nature of real estate settlement process. Moins

Reliance First Capital

have you ever had a job where you were 100% commission? How do you feel about going 100% commission?

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I like the idea of 100% commission because that means the harder I work the more money I can make! Moins


JPMorgan Chase & Co

Name your biggest weakness.

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My worst weakness has to be the fact that I don’t know everything but for every new word or new thing I always seek to know how, what and how! My greatest weakness is my greatest strength. Moins

I had to figure out how to turn a negative about myself into something positive. I said I am my own worst critic, so I expect my quality to always be high Moins

Navy Federal Credit Union

Why do you want to work in this department

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Did they contact you to let you know you didn’t get the job?

I told them that I wanted to work for Navy Federal first and foremost, but that I was very interested in the mortgage industry Moins

Wells Fargo

Why do you want to work for Wells Fargo

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Yes they did. You will be required to give thme units and amount funded. A recent pay stub and last year's W2 Moins

Did a recruiter or managers ask about production volume, documented transactions of funded loans? Moins

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