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What is you philosophy in life?

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Live and let live. Each day gives you or sometimes teaches you a new lesson so understand and learn from it.

life provide a way to move forward and get a stand against our problems.

Why do you want to work for Nokia? They need a detailed explanation for this, to check your stability

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if this room has 8 bulbs ,tell the no of bulbs in whole building..!!

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Why Accenture?

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None. Was cut off in Round 1 before the Written Test, Online Test and HR/ Operations Interview Rounds based on the salary I asked which was exactly what was quoted to me by the person who made the interview call and not based on my speech which was in pure English and loud and clear. So the selection in Round 1 was not on the speech but on the salary quote that followed. My advice if you want to get in State Street Syntel is not to prepare well in advance for Round 1 as you get 15-20 secs to speak (Try speaking more than two sentences in that time!) but simply quote Rs. 10,000 as salary to get to Round 2.

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Tell me something about yourself

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How do you practice Principled Performance in your day to day life?

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Why do you want to join jp Morgan

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Future plans, your commitment to stay

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