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Just Energy
On a demandé à un Senior Analyst- Middle Office Natural Gas...11 mars 2016

Lavent asked a pipeline process question in relation to storage usage and how it effects the business over a time period.

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Never working in natural gas I was able to calculate the answer to the question based on what I knew about storage. Moins


When scheduling, how do you prioritize?

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Start with the most time sensitive/pipe first

"Instituto Brasileiro de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis (IBP)"

- Salario atual, passado, e pretensao. - O que tão confortável você se sente de saber que o IBP não possui plano de carreira e inflexibilidade/dificuldade de movimentações de cargo no curto, médio e longo prazo?

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O processo seletivo para esta posição continua em andamento. Até o momento, não houve proposta final para nenhum candidato. Permanecemos à disposição para mais esclarecimentos sobre o processo. Moins

S&P Global

Give me an example of success you've achieved previously where you exceeded expectations.

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After deciding to change careers from health care to finance, I passed all three levels of the CFA curriculum in my first attempt. A couple of years later I was given an opportunity to build my own team and start a new research franchise. Within 6 months my franchise was known as one of the more impactful franchises in the vertical. Moins


where do i see myself in five years

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What qualifies you to work this position?

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I explained my previous internship experience and how it related to the field of work I wanted to pursue in this position. Moins


"Explain how a degree in Biochemistry relates to the energy industry and the data intensive part of this job?" "What is Biochemistry (major I graduated with) and what does it mean to you?"

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These were asked to make them feel confident that my degree in a totally different subject area could translate into the energy industry and this role. Moins

ULC Robotics

What is the abbreviation for the robot they utilize?

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Hess Corporation

Explain a technology that you've had trouble adapting to.


As mentioned above, it was a very informal interview. It was mostly just a chat about how I could fit in. There were no really difficult questions that I can remember.

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