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On a demandé à un IBX Network Technician...9 février 2015

What's the technical term for 4-pin and 8-pin connector?

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I was given 9 questions that broke down into more. They asked about UPS, types of cooling systems, basic cooling, 3 examples of a problem I encountered how I resolved them and what was the outcome. Moins

Rj 11 and RJ45

Hey, I got a call too from Equinix for an intern position. Can you tell me what exactly do they ask in the HireVue digital interview round? I am told there will be 5 questions. Moins

LB&B Associates

What is your availability

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2 weeks notice

Currently in between employers. One week or less should be okay in this realm.


tell me a time where you had to do something that you didn’t know about before and you had to research on it to accomplish it

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you just story it using the STAR technique a past experience you had either in your professional career or personal stuff Moins

Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Moins


T65A color sequince in RJ45 Termination

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Did you mean T568A?

Green/White - Green - Orange/White - Blue - Blue/White - Orange - Brown/White - Brown Moins

LTI Information Technology

It was a while ago so I'm going to paraphrase here: A user complains that goes to a virus page with a goat on it, what do you do?

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We worked it out that the hosts file on the computer was redirecting to a local server with the fake virus Web page. Moins

It's the host's file left by the hacker

Great Canadian Gaming

Difference between ibgp vs ebgp

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explained both technologies

Sonic (Internet and Phone)

Technical assessment was comprised of "Here's a home wireless router and here's a computer in the network. How does the router know which computer has which IP address?"

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My answer was "By MAC address". They asked, "OK and how does the router store that information." I had no idea so I said, "In a table somewhere." They said it was ok that I didn't know, but that if I was chosen I would certainly learn the answer to that and a lot more very quickly. Moins

The router knows which computer has certain IP address by its MAC address as you said and this is done using ARP. ARP is a layer 2 protocol used in identifying the mac address of a device from its ip address. Moins

Georgia Gwinnett College

What is port 40 used for?

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I said that I didn’t know. I later learned that it’s unallocated. Which would be why I didn’t know... I’ve never used it. Moins

Affiliated Bank

What do you expect to do in 6-12 months time?

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System Administrator

A.D. Susman & Associates

Can you work at schools

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yes i can

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