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What are your weaknesses?

7 réponses

Good luck with this one. No real great way to answer.

I would say something about you being such a detailed orientated person.

"I'm a perfectionist" which is true for myself, but wins points with interviews for being able to admit something and then say you're working on it and are learning to let things go more often.

How many years of experience in office administration, Labour management, accounting procedures, computer skills.

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Do you feel that diversity is important in the work place?

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Why do you want to leave your current company?

3 réponses

How do you feel about loosing?And winning?

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What are you looking for in a company that you would want to work for?

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Are you an Operator or a Merchant?

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How would you control shrink?

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They asked how I'd handle employee theft. But kept interrupting while I was answering, with different scenarios of what happens in their stores.

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Are you willing to take a pay cut?

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