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Search Engine Journal
On a demandé à un UK News Writer...25 novembre 2020

Have you attended any SEO conferences?

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The quantitative multiple choice test I was given. What does solving math problems have to do with content writing?

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the edit test involved preparing pitches (within deadlines) and writing pieces in line with site's voice/tone

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Elite Daily

What kind of beats (topics) are you most interested in writing for Elite Daily?

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I talked about how, while I could write about any and every topic, I was most interested in writing about news and politics. Moins


The critical thinking test was pretty weird. Only 12 minutes for 40 questions. Things like analogies, incorrect spellings and finishing a sequence or identifying the incorrect number in a sequence. Felt a little like the SATs in miniature.

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If you're a good copyeditor, save that for the end and focus on the critical thinking test. It's a lot to read and answer. Moins

Dow Jones

Can you prioritize tasks effectively?

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Yes, I had extensive experience with breaking news.


Would you like to take up the editor's position instead of the writer, which you've applied for?

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I declined.

Have you written for any of our competitors?

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No, I am a college student and looking for a first time writing position.


The quick-thinking test was probably the strangest part of this particular interview- I've never really encountered something like that outside of the SATs, and certainly never encountered it in an interview setting. It wasn't particularly hard, but still stood out.

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I finished the test within the time they required. Only a few of the questions were puzzling, and these mostly due to vague wording or answer options. Moins

The Tab

How would you problem solve growing content

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What did you do at your last postion

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