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Astron Consulting
On a demandé à Office Manager...1 février 2012

How do you make a tuna sandwhich?

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Two ways: From a can, solid white albacore tuna, Helman's mayo, sweet and dill pickle, onion, mixed and spread on what ever bread is on hand. Fresh mahi-mahi, marinated in teriaki, lightly grilled and served on toasted sourdough bread with paper-thin sliced sweet onion. Moins

I call "Jimmy John's"; they deliver fast.

Was very detailed and explained end to end...

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Name 3 previous Nobel Prize Winners

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Adolf Hitler never won the Nobel Peace Prize.

it is same as the previous 6 of upcomng 3

I don't care what awards they won, they'd better have turned in their expense reports for the trip to Sweden on time. Moins

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Acme Brick

What is your experience.

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I told them my experience

I am working in luminous private limited as an contract base for 1 year in different luminous plants like 1)-switch assembly 2)-fan assembly 3)-battery assembly Moins

I don't have any experience. I am a fresher

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Aspen Dental

Did you have sales goals in your previous jobs?

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It is basically a sales job. the office managers job is to make sure the office meets each mths budget. Budget is set by the corporation and each mth is based on the same mth the previous year plus a precentage more. No matter how well you do it will never be good enough . Office mgrs are paid a low salery but they offer a bonus. The bonus is paid only if the office reaches the budget and then office cost are subtracted from it like office employees overtime etc. Corporate also requires the om to be there usually an hour before the office opens and to be the last to leave. An om can plan on working at least 9-10 hour days m-f and then 1-2 saturdays a mth plus some after hour meetings, usually out of town that require the om to drive to after the office has been closed for the day. By the time salary and bounus is divided into the hours its almost minimum wage. If you want to see what an om's day consist of just google aspen reviews. Moins

Blah, Blah, Blah.

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Oral Roberts University

Can you fill in for a system manager.`

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Yes, was my answer.

Absolutely, i can fill in for a system manager.

When I worked for ORU admissions, the office manager and the system manager both left and I took over for both of them. Moins


How should you approach me (Weird question)

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What would your friends say about you ?

What would you say about youself

At this point I'm unsure of your preference but if it was something urgent I would be direct about it. Moins

He wanted an accountant to use creative accounting. Would I be able to hide a book on how to cook game meat in the emergency preparedness account so he would have to claim it as owner's draw.

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I worked for that guy too!! He sucks!!!

I told him I would code things the way he wanted them coding but I didn't want to be signing off on any financial statements or tax returns. Moins

Oh where do I start? The owner is a Jew who doesn't like to pay his employees anymore than minimum wage. He expects you to work EVERY SINGLE SECOND you are at the office and if you leave at 5 when it is time for everybody to leave he tells you that your job isn't a priority. The owner is sneaky and shady and treats ALL of his employees like trash. He doesn't value the employees that at the end of everyday makes his money for him. He is the kind of person that wants something for nothing and he takes FULL advantage of his employees. I STRONGLY discourage ANYBODY from applying for a job at this is awful!! All of the employees are strictly there for a paycheck and not because they enjoy their job. I can't tell you how many employees got hired and quit within a short period of time because of the owner. If you do decide to apply for a job there and you do get hired he will definitely get everything he can out of you for as little money as he has to pay you. He takes TOTAL advantage of his employees. Don't punish yourself by applying for a job for this slave driver. DON'T DO IT!!! DON'T DO IT!!! DON"T DO IT!! Moins


Very few questions about my ability to do the role or precious work experiences - More on my personality and if they felt I would " fit " into their team image, it felt more like a high school popularity environment almost.

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Within a week from the interview

Hi, thank you very much for sharing! This has been very helpful to read! Good luck searching for job! Moins

Did they come with a feedback soon after the interview or waited few weeks?

Empire Today

What skills are your strength?

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I can if need be.

My strengths include a “can do” attitude, excellent customer service skills, and a plethora of experience with various office programs. Moins

Can you work 6 days a week?

SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner

I asked why the position was available and was told the current employee was not meeting expectations.

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My thought is that not so sure this person isn't meeting the expectations, but that the expectations aren't clear. Moins

Follow your gut and run away. The lady you interviewed with is pretty scary and abusive. I dont understand how shes still employed with that company. As long as shes there, nobody is safe in the HR/Administration department. Moins

Thankfully she has moved on from the Company.

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