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Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling
On a demandé à un Oil and Gas Offshore Drilling Rigs...2 novembre 2016

Why would you like to join our company?

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Because company give good skill and experience for our future all so they care our life. I like company policy and procedure . Moins

I working for rig in Dubai lamprell good foods good salary


Please always be prepared of unexpected question...especially regarding the role you play. So be focus on your responsibilty. I was asked about how to work with difficult persons and those who have different views of opinions.I was also being asked if there are an arguement with other colleagues on what decision to be made in related job, What justification / criteria should be take into account to handle the situations.

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Rules and regulations are the MUST...but sometimes we need to be more tolerant on some circumstances depends on what job you are applying for and of course it is not involving safety and health. Respect others as they are,but at the same time,company goals counted. Listen to them regardless our positions and throw your opinions too rwithout fear and worries. Moins


If I travelled from A to B at 20mph and return at 30mph, what is my average speed?

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Less than 25mph depending on the distance

Less than 25mph depending on the distance

Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines

what your experience in shipping company?

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Dont have any experience, but intend to learn about anything because very passionate about export import jobs Moins

Saudi Aramco

Are you looking for additional money?

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Phillips 66

Was I presented with an opportunity to let safety standards drop in lieu of a time crunch?

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I gave an example of how safety comes first in that line of work in relation to a situation where I saved a co-worker by making sure he was wearing his safety harness which could have resulted in him possibly falling 150 feet to his death. Moins

Super Star Car Wash

What experience I had to qualify me to manage the shop?

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Continued education on oil and oil industry and new foresight's and many years experience in a busy location. Was trusted by managers of previous job to duties usually meant for managers only. Also had great customer service skills from customer interaction. Moins

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

What are my personal strengths.

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Prioritizing important aspects of work related duties and strong organizational skills. Moins

Rapid fire questions where picture of a bird or plant species was shown and I had to identify.

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varies with pictures


Do you know the the job you get the interview for?

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Yes, oil trade finance officer. Said some other things and then I asked her more questions about the job, and she said I don't know you will talk about this more in the next interview, that never came. Moins

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