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On a demandé à un Graduate Oil Trader...21 décembre 2020

If I travelled from A to B at 20mph and return at 30mph, what is my average speed?

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Less than 25mph depending on the distance

Less than 25mph depending on the distance


Why do u want to leave your current company?

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I’m looking for more responsibility with new and fresh challenges. I have worked on and successfully completed several projects from start to finish during the past few years. Currently, advancement opportunities are important at my current job. I don’t mind a slow down in pace from time to time, but it’s important to me to keep my career continually moving in a forward direction that is consistent with my career goals. Moins


Biggest accomplishment in working career?

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I described a new process I had implemented at my previous workplace

Many logic based questions to assess my performance under pressure

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I was calm and composed and answered everything honestly

Chevron Products Company

standard evidence-based questions, requiring you to draw on past experiences to show how they apply to different situations. Why Chevron. Why this role. Describe an example where you have x, y, z... Some specific general technical knowldge questions about the role (eg. what will be the key market drivers affecting Chevron over the next few years)

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)

Entrevista em inglês para avaliar o nível de conhecimento


Name a time you have severe risk, and what you did to mitigate it


price of oil that morning


Tell me about yourself Glencore Values WTI and Brent price Why you want to work for Glencore Time you dealt with uncertainty


- How would you invest £100,000? - Since global pop is rising and oil is non-renewable, why wouldn't you simply go long? - What are the main issues affecting the oil industry? - Difference between WTI/Brent and their prices?

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