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HCA Florida Largo Hospital
On a demandé à un RN Med Surg Oncology...23 avril 2015

how have I responded to difficult situations in prior jobs

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kept everyone calm, performed according to need (emergency medical intervention; crisis intervention; customer service appeasement Moins

I would speak with their parents to figure out what methods of teaching work best as well as research any studies that have been performed that give recommendations on what teaching methods to use for different disabilities. Moins


Why do you want to move from your current position to another position

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Can be hard to answer & not bash current position/employer.

Looking for professional growth and longevity in my career

Legend Biotech

what about you write a research proposal, since you get your PhD.

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I did not see a lot papers published in your company, and cannot find it online info either. What about you tell me one or two problems you have in your research. I will take a look whether I can figure it out or not. The CSO answered me: you can just read some review papers, whatever problems they have, we have it, too..... Moins

Salk Institute

Do you have any issues with driving to the location?

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No, I lived close enough for the commute to be inconsequenial


Describe yourself with 10 different words from most to least important in 30 seconds.

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Good question. Never heard back.

West Michigan Cancer Center

What do I like about my present job?

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I said I enjoyed the interaction with my patients and the ability to teach them something and see changes in them from what they gained in their knowledge. Moins

West Michigan Cancer Center

What would you do if you had a conflict with a coworker?

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My response was, I tend not to take things personally so if a conflict arises I like to address it directly before it becomes a "big deal". Usually it is related to miscommunication and is easily resolved. For the most part, people want to get along and care about each other so I try to keep that the focus. Moins

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

How do you handle patient death?

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I talked about my coping mechanisms inside (asking for easier assignments if needed) and outside of work (exercising, spending time w/family & friends). Moins

Kaiser Permanente

What has been the most helpful piece of constructive criticism you have received?

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This felt like a loaded question. You have to not only self-identify a weakness, but also be sure to turn it into a positive learning experience. Moins


Q: What was one thing that they asked you? Describe a time when you had to deliver less than optimal news to a client

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