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On a demandé à un Online Sound Editor...5 juillet 2012

what is PFL?

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PFL in terms of Sound it means Pree Fader Level

The Ski Channel

When can you start?

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Next Week

The editor-in-chief asked me how proficient I was using a PC.

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I told her I only use Macs

Legal Services Corporation

Would you be comfortable speaking in front of large groups?

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Since nothing was mentioned about public speaking in the job description or phone interview, this came as a surprise to me. Especially since Web Editors generally don't do a lot of this type of thing. Apparently this position is expected to address large crowds at legal conferences. Moins

NY Daily News

Why didn't they respond to my email after they offered me an interview

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The whole company is unprofessional and the person in charge sits all day eat, use the bathroom and fail to respond to anyone's emails. But manages to become the victim when called out about it Moins

CBS News and Stations

Management experience?

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Wasn't relevant to prior position.

How many unique views/visitors did _________ (a previous employer) receive? Do you remember?

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Folha de São Paulo

Sobre conhecimento

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O que sabia

Dr. Phil Show

What is your availability?

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I am available now.

Monday - Thursday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm no weekends and preferably not Monday.


Describe your experience covering news for the web.

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Provided more than 10 samples and had detailed examples of how to achieve metric-based goals. Moins

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