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G6 Hospitality
On a demandé à un Director of Operations...13 janvier 2019

How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

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Take a breath, think about the problem in a third person view, & resolve the issue. Moins

I asked them what’s the problem first then I see can a manager come help or the head lady of housekeeping or man Moins

I will talk with the other person and identify points of agreement and disagreement,and be quick to forgive Moins

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East Harlem Tutorial Program

If you were an animal, what animal would you be? AND If you could have a superpower, which one would it be? (REALLY)

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I found your post quite interesting. I think It's more like "over 30 need not apply." I feel like I've been passed over for several charter school jobs because A) I'm over 30 and B) I'm an experienced, certified teacher and not a TFA person. It's been a very frustrating experience, but I'm glad to hear (well not really) that other folks are having the same issues. Good luck with your search! Moins

RAMPANT AGE DISCRIMINATION (Over 40 need not apply)

A cat, stealth, fast, the best designed hunter, yet warm and loving to those deserving. Honest creatures that don't play head games, they either like you or not. As for a superpower I would like to have the power to truly know a person is telling the truth or not. Moins

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Sestra Systems

Are you willing to make a long term commitment?

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I responded with a question asking about turnover in the office and was provided a negative response. Moins

I experienced the same thing about turnover. It was very unsettling.

I was asked the same thing and it made me think that they had a large problem with turnover. Moins

Morgan Corporation

Mostly questions about my background.

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No exes

Happy with my one man

I asked many follow up questions and listed my concerns after the review. Too disorganized for me. missing too many doers and had too many execs. Moins


How I have achieved my success

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By helping my people succeed

Teem work, communication, and always improve my brans.

Improve my brand, teem work, communication, good working relationship.

Goldman Sachs

How would I tackle a specific situation in a certain department?

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I would learn as much as I could about the situation in the department then use the knowlage I had gained to solve the problem Moins

I will go to the department and will talk to the staff to get to know about the situation. If i can solve the situation i will solve it right there. Moins

The challenge with the question is that were supposedly looking for an outsider to come in and take a fresh look at things, so many of the terms and steps were unfamiliar to me. It was a bit like the interview team wasn't on the same page about the role. I answered it in more of a generic fashion. Moins


How would you manage to work with different cultures?

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Very carefully understand details of the specific culture and accept it.

This is an interesting read:

Really good . I like diversity and I am a part of that big group !


Name a time when …

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Talked corporate lingo…

When I was interviewing a candidate for a job with the health system that I currently work for. When I am building relationships within the 13 counties that him care serves. Moins

You talked about the customer needs and the “why” behind the need or care they need. Moins


Show us examples of your work.

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Having the CEO be so snide. He was pompous, arrogant, and repugnant.

Interview was Dec 2013 with then-CEO Lewis Carpenter. Not a fake review, Carpenter really did behave that badly. Moins

Papa John's

Why do you want to work here.

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Great place to work

It's a good place to be working

I want to make my life better than it is

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