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Questions d'entretiens - Operations Manager


Questions d'entretien de Operations manager partagées par les candidats

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Quel portefeuille de clients je pouvais amener?

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Difficile de répondre a cette question alors que je venais d'une autre industrie! J'ai souligné mon expérience en relation client et en construction de nouvelles ventes.

what are your three qualities that make you different from other applicants?

One of the most critical pieces to Uber's success is having a strong relationship with our driver partners. In a single paragraph, illustrate several values you think are important to maintaining and strengthening Uber's relationship with drivers. How would you contribute to this community? Write a 2-3 paragraph email to Uber's partner drivers on any topic you'd like. You could be discussing a new product launch (e.g., uberX), getting them excited for a major event (New Year's Eve), or you can use data from either of the CSV files to communicate something that might help drivers improve their business. If needed, specify whether your email would go to all drivers or just a subsection

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why Uber? Why do you want to leave your current company ? How do you deal with angry riders ? How do you make yours drivers happy and willing to stay with Uber ? After the interview i recieber a 1 hours Analytics tests to do

background, main achievements, challenges, why change jobs, salary expectations..etc

Tell me more about yourself. Why uber? What are your top 3 skills which will add value to uber?

From a city operation manager point of view, which are the reasons for a price cut ?

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