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J.P. Morgan
On a demandé à un Investment Data Operations Specialist (Pricing Analyst)...2 décembre 2009

Tons of behavioral questions encountered in the whole process- What would you do if there was a problem within your team etc..

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I answered as practiced earlier. Added a relevant example about how I have handled a similar issue in the past. They like to see concrete evidence of the sort. Moins

Can you please provide some more questions asked and if there were any technical questions asked too? Moins

Communication is the key. We must come together and get the issues on table. A lot time it is just a misunderstanding. But I find that it's deeper than that we will find a resolution. Moins

Micron Technology

Tell me about yourself.

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may I ask, is it still "in process"?


Didn’t you tried to email the manager?

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Why Uber What is ur last drawn CTC R u flexible for 24/7 environment When can you join Take me through your profile Logical questions to see the convincing skills

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No I mean when did they give you the final answer that u were selected or the offer letter Moins

How long did they take to get back to you after the last round

All the rounds are done on the same day

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In the language you apply for, please describe some of the challenges and opportunities you feel this role may bring If 35 have A, 50 have B, 70 have C, 20 have AB, 30 have BC, 15 have AC and 10 have ABC then how many have only A?

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Lol you're all wrong. The OP didnt provide the correct variables.

10 have ABC, 20 have AB -> 20-10=10 have just AB 15 have AC -> 15-10=5 have just AC 10AB+5AC+10ABC=25 people with not just A 35 people have A - 25 people with not just A = 10 people with just A Moins

I answered 10


Some questions related to Operations forecasting, and some aptitude skills

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Hey ,did u get offer letter after interview due to covid?

As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Moins

Hey should I learn macros for this test?


Do you have experience with Salesforce?

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Columbia Sportswear

Why at am age did I want to start over.

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Because I love a challenge and felt that my skills as an account manager lent themselves to this position. Moins

WOW!!!! Age should NEVER arise in an interview. I knew they were ageist!


What, in your opinion, it's the biggest challenge that your market faces?

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It is misleading to answer the market-specific question with *global challenges*. Moins

My answer supposed to be "Firstly, the global challenges are keep the innovations ongoing and to all costs keep the Facebook a positive experience to the public (otherwise people will leave, soon or later), and in my market particularly the innovations have to related with our cultural behavior, etc..."---This answer actually never happen because when I said "Firstly, the global challenges are", the recruiter just cut me in a very abrupt and rude way and said "I did not ask you that, I made a very particular question..." remember when you were a child and was told off??? I actually neither have memories of this kind of behavior when I was a child as I was always explained about things instead of screamed at... Could I put myself together after?? Not really...Should I have?? Yep.. I should have known better. Moins


Tell us about Operations work which you are comfortable into.

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I'm okay with any JD, because one of biggest strengths in adaptability, I can adapt very quickly and perform as per company's expectations Moins


Why Uber ??

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Customer Centric + Altering Peoples Lives + Good Business Model + Career and good Compensation + Scale of Coverage is good on global Scale + Business Diversification will lead to better prospects for everyone associated with Uber and Aggressive Marketing Strategies----I give them that. Moins

Career and good

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